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Crate training
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to say to the person that is saying that you should not get a dog if they have to be in a crate for more than 4 hrs...Don't you think that there is enough animals without homes?

Do you know how many people would not get pets because they work if they thought like you do?

I feel that as long as you do everything in your power to give your dog a loving home and do what you can, it is a lot better then having them in a shelter or put to sleep because of over population!!!

Crate Training
by: Elda

Thank you for your clarification.

Of course no dog (puppy or adult) should be in a crate for 12 hours.

Four hours during the day it's about the maximum even for an adult dog.

After six-seven months though, a puppy should be able to sleep through the night.

The crate must be kept near your bed in case your dog needs to go out during the night.

Click on the link for more tips about the first nights.

crate training
by: Anonymous

I really don't think that you should crate your puppy for the number of months it is. At 12 months are you gonna leave it in a crate for 12 hours? No.

Four hours is max as far as I am concerned.

Asking them to hold their bladder for longer than that is cruel.

I am all for crate training but it should be used as a tool and not for convenience.

If you don't have a place to house your dog while you are at work then don't get a dog if it has to be crated for the whole day. Why would anyone want to do that?

It adds to depression and anxitey, excessive barking, scratching at the crate.

Just remember that a crate needs to be used as a tool and not as a baby sitter.

I have three Whippets and a Rottie. All are crate trained for events I take them too.

They get free run of the house with a dog door and the only thing I have ever had to do is make sure to put the garbage up when I am gone.

Lots of mental and physical exercise will make for a happy quiet content and non-destructive puppy in general.

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