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My neutered male whippet attacks dogs he doesn't know
by: Lauren

I have a male whippet, neutered and approx 2 year old.

He loves visiting my mums dogs: rough collie, sheltie, and a chihuahua.

He gets on very well with my mums dogs they play fight and no cuts or bruises. They wag their tails and tease and nibble each other and one either starts it or finishes it. They never stop and their tails are still waging until they need a drink and all is calm.

Problem is I can't walk my whippet anymore and he is becoming house bound, it hurts me cause I love taking him to the park off lead and letting him run with no other dogs around.

Problem is dogs come out of nowhere and my whippet runs to attack dogs. I don't know if he would ever hurt one but he does growl and hunts other dogs showing his teeth and lunging forward barking and snarling.

I don't understand why he is like this, I don't abuse or hit him and I just call him like he's done something wrong but he ignores me and I freeze cause I feel responsible and my partner has to run to grab him by the collar and march him back which my dog understands and he is calm but he doesn't seem to like other dogs. He runs straight to them ears up. It's like he goes into another world.

I don't get it. He won't hurt children but he is scared and backs off and he loves all kinds of people but not dogs and children scare him.

What on earth am I going to do?

I Know the Feeling
by: Zelda

Yes, I know the feeling. Probably your whippet is afraid of other dogs. Have a look at this page for tips and training ideas.

How to stop dog to dog aggression

Agreesive adult male whippet
by: Anonymous

We adopted a neutered male whippet 6 months ago - he is now approx. two and a half years old. Recently he has started to show signs of aggression towards other dogs which is concerning me... we had never even heard him bark until last weekend when he started chasing a lurcher and snarled growled and generally annoyed the poor dog. He is gentle and soft around the house with me but is always on the look out for other dogs when we are out. he used to run to me if he saw another dog and although I never let him off the lead unless we are in an enclosed area or field he is now approaching other dogs, ignoring my recall and becoming a nuisance.
Any advice would be appreciated,

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