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by: Travis

I, too, went to the shelter looking for another lab to keep my 5 y/o lab company.

I saw this 4 m/o puppy that was just so friendly, and a lot for fun. They had it listed as a Lab/terrier mix, as well as her two sisters.

Tera is now 9 m/o and REALLY plays the whippet part now, and I see almost no Lab qualities in her.

The only thing I do see is that her face is not as pointy as other whippets and the color issue.

She and one of her sisters were both all black except for their chests and paw tips. The other sister was mostly white and had large black spots on her face and body.

I think that the all black feature fools many into thinking the pups have lab, but that masks the overwhelming features of the whippet.

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