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Whipet mix: Sombra

We adopted Sombra, a whippet mix, at a local dog shelter. We fell in love with her immediately, but soon we discovered she was aggressive and very dominant.

She used to bite us and made tantrums whenever we made her angry or contradicted her. All the family had problems to control her, specially me; but at last, we did it.

Now she is six months old and can be a very good dog, although we still have some problems with her when she gets angry or very excited while playing.

Still, she is a very intelligent dog who understands everything quickly and loves to follow me everywhere and play a lot.

We still need to do some work with her, but we are working hard and she is slowly behaving better and becoming less aggressive.

I know she is a whippet mix because she really looks like one, except maybe for her head that makes me think it is a Whippet/American Pitbull Terrier, not that I really care about her parents because I really love her, with her character and all.

She is two months old in the photo, just the day after we adopted her. Sorry it is bad, but is the best I have.

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We Have a WhippetX Too!
by: grepme

Congrats on your new puppy. All dogs can have "issues" You need to be firm, and strong headed. You have to be more stubborn than the puppy, or the puppy will always win.

We have found exercise works wonders. Try jogging, games, and doggy park(after some exercise, please). Don't bring a level 10 hyper dog to the park, you're asking for trouble. We use the walky dog and it's great.

Good luck!

Sombra looks a lot like POGO!

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