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What breed is she?

by Theresa Holland Sanders
(Overland Park, KS)

I just adopted Suki from the prison and parole program. The inmate believes that she’s boxer/whippet. She’s got boxer face and a long lean body. Long thin tail. Thoughts?

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by: Clyde

My name is Clyde and I am from Scotland. Your head is not like my whippet friends but your lean body is similar to mine.
I would recognise you now I have seen your picture but others may not.
My question is can you run? Also do you get bored if you can’t run for a few days. I love to run in big circles and turn on a sixpence. My female carer calls these my zoomies. I love to snuggle with my carers but I believe that the female whippets don’t cuddle quite as much.
It doesn’t matter that you look a little different from the usual whippet, if your carer loves you, love them and train them well.
Clyde (from Scotland)
Ps it is very hot here so running and zoomies only last 10 minutes.

what breed????
by: Anonymous

Being in the U.S., I see many dogs nearly identical to this one, and they are not boxer mix, they are pit bull mix. Here in the U.S., the pit bull is the #1 mis-bred, in-bred, poorly-bred dog. The shelters are full of them.

Certainly looks like it could be a whip body, but the head looks pretty blocky, and there are no large jowls. I am not a breeder, nor a vet, so this is only my opinion.

Whatever the mix is, I am sure she will be a wonderful dog for you, provided reasonable training and health regimen are followed.

Best to you with your new friend.

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