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Traits of parents?

by Steph
(Northern Ireland )

I recently rescued a whippet x puppy from a rescue home. She was born in the rescue centre to a whippet mum apparently, they think the dad was a lurcher.

She is now 17 weeks and lately I’ve seen behaviour that I’d attribute to the stance of a racing greyhound, however, my knowledge of that activity wouldn’t be all that known to me as I abhor.

So my question is if she does have some of this history bred into her is that something I should worry about or is it just natural sighthound behaviour no matter what the lineage?

Thank you.

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by: Zelda

Whippets are sighthounds, bred for racing and they absolutely love doing it.

They cannot be unleashed where there is traffic or if you don't want them to run after small animals.

At the same time, at home, they can be obedient, cuddly couch potatoes.

With appropriate training they can be also excel at dog agility.

All this said every individual dog is different and it is the owner duty to find a way to channel their instincts and attain their true potential.

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