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Comments for Toby - My Sweet Rescue Jack Russell/Whippet Cross!

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Toby's Twin
by: Robin

I so enjoyed reading your story about Toby as I can quite relate. About a year and a half ago, a neighbor of mine caught a little lost doggie on our street that had no collar, tags, microchip,or other identifying information.

The poor little puppy who looked to be about 5 or 6 months old was shivering with fear and to avoid him the additional trauma of going to a shelter, I readily took him home since my neighbor had no intention of taking any responsibility for him.

I have always been an animal lover and a dog owner (we already had a 8-1/2 year-old female cocker mix named Sasha) so taking in this sweet, poor little orphan from the streets could never be considered any type of burden.

After posting flyers around the neighborhood, searching online for lost doggies, and other attempts over 2 months to find his previous owner, we OFFICIALLY named him Picasso and made the little guy part of our family.

We had at first been unfamiliar with the Whippet breed, but after researching pictures we definitely identified Picasso as such. But then after further checking heights and weights for the breed and seeing yours and other posted pics of this whippet terrier mix, we have positively settled Picasso's genetic background.

At first having been EXTREMELY shy and nervous with his new family with tender love, patience, and care he has learned not just to trust, but LOVE all of us as much as we live him. Picasso is an EXACT twin of your own Toby in every way.

Beyond the exact physical replication, behaviorally they are also a definite match. Funny, I've sometimes wondered if Picasso was raised by a mother cat the way he bathes himself! When he's not playfully doing his lightening-quick 180° turns, playing with a piece of kibble as if it were a mouse to catch, rolling onto his back for rubs and kisses, or racing through the house for moochies or more attention, he enjoys nothing more than huddling under whatever cozy covering next to me on the couch or crawling in bed with me each night.

He truly is, as you described your own Toby, "my little shadow".

Good for You!
by: Elda

Glad you could find each other, your Toby is precious!

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