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The Legend of Zelda, the Whippet Mix

by Angie-Jane
(Woodend, Vic, Australia)

I wonder who's doing the driving today? A Whippet perhaps ?

I wonder who's doing the driving today? A Whippet perhaps ?

My Zelda was a rescue from an RSPCA shelter in Australia.

She had that clever look in her eye from the moment I laid my eyes on her, but after having her home for a few weeks, my son and daughter taught her how to point, not just for food, but for anything in general that she wanted (or even if there was something she was trying to tell us but couldn't, being a dog).

They also taught her to lay down, stand on her back legs with her paws on your lap for a scratch on her chest, to sit, to wait patiently and politely for her meal, to stay, and many other things.

Zelda also learned our names , including our other pets' names too.

If you'd say one of the cats names, Zelda would look at that particular cat.

If you'd say for example, Mum, she'd look for me.

She also knows the difference between the words "doggies, cats, birdies and duckies".

Zelda is the most responsive and clever animal I've ever had contact with and we just adore her.

Zelda constantly has us in fits of laughter with the things that she does, and the way she reacts to new situations, but mainly by the way she moans in her sleep and lays on her back , sleeping with her legs pointing up in the air.

She goes into a deep sleep at night and we have to literally wake her up to let her outside for a wee in the morning (otherwise she'd sleep all day!)

Zelda just loves to go for rides in the car and she stands either on the passenger seat or in between the front seats, so that she can get full view of where we're going but also so that she can watch out for other people, dogs, and other animals that may be around.

Here is a picture of my best buddy Zelda just as I'm about to go for a drive.

She's always in the car first ;)

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by: Anonymous

How did my Nina get into your car seat?
My dog Nina looks exactly like your Zelda, we had been told she was a blue nose pit. I have always wondered…...

Yes we feel are lives have been enriched
by: Sandra Love

How lucky we are to have our wonderful Whippet friends.

We have had three and after losing our little boy Parker in December 2012 did think that we would not have any more dogs as we were getting older.

Someone sent my husband an e-mail about dogs enriching our lives and he thought it was time to have a look on Gumtree and what a surprise there was this little boy who needed a home.

We rang the owner and yes he chose us. What a great day that was it just happened to be Valentines Day 2013.

So here I sit typing with my little friend Bluey looking at me with loving eyes and yes it feels good and I feel so enriched.

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