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by RC

We adopted our three year old female. She was somewhat on the tubby side but, after a month, she has a waist. This is due to reasonable walks and a sensible diet. From what I can gather (and the food that came with her) her previous owners weren’t on the ball. She doesn’t recognize basic commands - sit or stay. We’ll be working on such, once she’s more confident. Suffice to say that she’s now in a loving and secure environment and enjoys a friendly mutual tolerance with our 18 month rescued cat.

The current major bugbear is her travel sickness. We’re putting her in the car for a few minutes with no engine running before setting off on short trips (<20 minutes). She’s secured in the back seat with one of us supporting her head and talking to her. She does tend to drool and, on occasions, throw up. We think the throwing up is more to do with motion sickness than anxiety.

I haven’t seen suggestions for curing travel sickness in older dogs. This one came with some ‘baggage’. Not easy.

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