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by Rachael Cann
(Sheffield, uk)

This was her the day I picked her up. 8 weeks old. So adorable

This was her the day I picked her up. 8 weeks old. So adorable

I had no idea what to call my gorgeous little whippet. Names are so significant, and I’m terrible at making decisions!

Anyway, I didn’t get far through the alphabet before finally settling on.... Annie.

It’s a big decision to get a dog, and I’ve deliberately for a long time. However, I can honestly say that she makes me so incredibly happy. She is now 11 weeks old, and growing so fast!

I can’t wait to get her out in the countryside, once she’s allowed and can walk far enough! She’s going to love it, we’re going to have so many adventures

I was meant to be settling down with someone and starting a family, but this isn’t going to happen now. However, Annie is making me so happy that things are starting to feel a bit easier. I love having something to love ❤️

I never thought I would be a cooy person either, and used to roll my eyes when people would fuss over their dogs so much. Now I can see that it’s impossible not to! And I love fussing over her. She’s completely spoilt already!

So, even though it’s early days we already have a couple of trips away now restrictions are lifting and ready to start our lives together.

I just hope she’s as excited about all this as I am!

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