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New Whippet Puppy
by: Anonymous

I have found that when you walk the dog out and around they tend to go potty quite regularly, also, take the pup to the same spot in the yard each time, that area will be known as the potty spot.

As easy as it is to just let the dog out, it does pay off in the long run to bond with your dog as you take it for regular walks each day.

My two Whippets were from a breeder who NEVER spent time with any of her dogs, so with that, I HAD to double up on the time spent, it did take about 6 months of us doing things together but it did pay off, they are happy and very well behaved.

Not to say this will happen to everyone who owns a whippet but I can actually unleash my two and let them run on their own, and they come back right away when called because I am the PACK leader.

Whippets do not learn with an iron fist, they are a very sensitive breed so what may work for one breed may not work for a Whippet.

My take on all of the training NEVER see them working with a Whippet, it is always the same breeds or breed combinations.

Sight Hounds are very different, it takes time and a lot of patience and 1 on 1 training, but the love and companionship they give back is well worth it.

Whippets also tend to become the "Perfect Dog" when they are around 2 years of age.

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