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by: Zelda

Maybe is a case of "teenager" rebellion, my best advice is to start recall training from the top following all the usual recall training steps.

Ignoring me
by: Sue

My (now 13 month old) whippet pup was doing fabulously with training. Unfortunately just before 12 months she was rushed into intensive care with an autoimmune issue - they saved her life. She has responded well to treatment to the point of just coming off three months of steriods. Now she is naughty and full of beans (which is fabulous) However, she also is now ignoring me when we walk with her on the lead and she sees a squirrel/blackbird/cat - anything chaseable - even with treats in hand I can not get her attention. Also off lead she has started to be more interested in playing with other dogs and not recalling as quickly and I am concerned she will be hurt. We are over the moon she is well, but need to get these behaviours under control, please can you help?

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