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pretty girl
by: Triva

She is beautiful and seems to have the same appeal for tearing up toilet paper as my girl Lily...

So true !
by: Diane

Thank you Marion I believe you are spot on with your analysis. It doesn't end at loo rolls though, as with your two she has a passion for the stuffing out of anything ie. duvet covers, soft toys, flip flops, dried flowers.

I have just returned from a weeks holiday, my husband stayed at home to 'dog sit' and I was given a tongue in cheek daily bad behavior report! However, we forgive her almost everything and ensure that all priceless objects are carefully placed out of reach, a bit difficult sometimes as you know how high our whippets can jump. Kind regards.

by: Marion

Is it just possible that Meeka is surrounded by the fruits of her labour? If she is anything like my two, I am continually buying them new bedding because they have this tendency to rip up new blankets, at the moment they are sleeping on a pile of pieces of blanket. Regardless of this we do love them dearly.

South Africa

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