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Thank you
by: Lauren Stevenson

Just want to thank everyone for the comments.

I knew much about Merlin as in how he was breed.

I do know know that Merlin had been reared up with his brothers and sisters etc but am not sure of his history side to weather children and other dogs where involved.

When Merlin was a pup I had him at the dog show was with the council and he never barked or anything but I do know he was nervous with other dogs and he didn't try to attack them, he end loved cats he never seen before.

As for children, I don't know if he has been near any to socialise with. I've had a female whippet in the past and she only hated cats and my mums dog but out in public she was great.

There was a few tragic adverts that had happened when he was a pup which was that when I had Merlin in the park one day, I was with my partner eating fish and chips and Merlin was tied to the bench right next to me, I knew he would be ok as long as I never left him and stayed by his side as I don't like usually tie Merlin up. Well what happened was that a dog came over and hounded Merlin as in straight into Merlins face and Merlin couldn't get away. He nearly hung himself as I quickly tried to get the lead free and dropping my bottle of coke. I realised I wasn't taking him to open parks anymore and stick to quieter ones. The owner finally came and smiled with a giggle saying sorry and then leaving without her dog and I was surprised to notice that she walked on without seeing to her dog or putting a lead on it.

Then another day a traffic happened a mother approached Merlin not exactly in the gentlest manner. She had a child and she had her in her arms like bent over to the ground and she kept letting her child run into Merlin and catching her and letting her go again. Merlin hid behind me shaking and tail in between his legs. The owner said that's a very nervous dog and she said it could bite a child and that I should take him to dog classes. I said nothing but I was thinking to myself you let your child run into Merlin like it was a toy instead of being nice to him.

Can anyone see anything I've written that could maybe explain what could be up with Merlin? I've never seen this in a whippet and wondering could it be lack of socially?

Merlin is scared around certain people but he doesn't bite them or snarl he gets scared and his tail hoes between his legs.

I feel like am to blame for him being like this but I keep going over what have not tried.

Does anyone know if the collar safe for pets suitable or a fail, the collars that can be set to low or high and it can vibrate or sent a noise to stop barking, it's supposed to be NO shock and safe for pets but I don't know if it's still animal cruelty or not.

Thank you

Large Dogs
by: Anonymous

My 2 whippets tend to bark at large dogs especially german shepherds and husky types but I think that's fear as when they are introduced they are fine, They love children though of all ages,

Fear Aggression
by: Anonymous

Probably Merlin is scared of children and foreign dogs. I am sure that with gradual exposure exposure to gentle kids and relaxed dogs he will get better.

Have look at this page for tips and suggestions.

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