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Looking for a Whippet

by Judy Weichers
(Escondido CA )

Our 12 year old whippet, Sammie recently crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" leaving her 8 year old companion whippet Mandy depressed.

We would love to find a rescue whippet to welcome into our loving home for Mandy and us too. We are a retired couple with 2 cats & 2 young grandkids who love the pets. Our 1 1/2 year old granddaughter rushes to Mandy as soon as she comes in the house for her kisses. If you know of a retired "showgirl" or someone who is looking to find a good home, we would love to speak with them.

Thanks for the opportunity to reach your community of whippet lovers.

Judy Weichers
760-480-1844 (Home/Landline)
760-484-7947 (Cell)

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