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look alike
by: Heather

I don't see any dates on the page, but hope Lucky has been! My hound/english pointer (?) mix is a dead ringer for your dog, uncanny.

by: Abby's mom

We have Abby a 4 yr old rescue that is a whippet/jack mix also.
She too has a big chest, long legs, curly tail and "gremlin" ears :)

Her temperament is mixed: She jumps like a jack, runs like a whippet (for about 5 mins then has to rest!) loves blankies, couches, snuggling, cozy spots.

She is leash reactive and we are working to get over her scaredy dog ways.

She is so sweet and rolls over so fast for her fave: belly rubs.

She is SO picky about her food, and could care less about most food except for string cheese.

I posted her pic here and look forward to more pics of your very "Lucky" dog.

So Lucky
by: Sandra Love

Well, Lucky is fortunate to have you to care for him.

Good luck with getting him off the lounge.

Our previous Whippet Parker did take over the lounge for fourteen years.

My husband said that was one the things he missed was just to put his hand to his side and there was his best mate.

We have another whippet now after the passing of Parker in December 2012.

His name is Bluey, such a gorgeous dog, my husband says he has filled a huge hole in his heart left from Parker.

So if it makes you happy to have Lucky by your side then do it.

Although fourteen years is a long time to have your lounge taken over so now Bluey has his bed close by and we have regular cuddles, sooo good.

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