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by: brendaAnonymous

I have been doing agility with my whippets for a while now but it does take time before they settle in to it.

My 7yr old thought it was much more exciting to steel the other dogs toys and treats and would take off half way round the course at break neck speed to get in quick before anyone realised what was happening!

He can still be a bit cheeky but seems to enjoy competing now. I tried competing with my 3yr old this year she started off really well but then stuck her nose in the air and took off through a gap a weasel would have found difficult and we found her at the hot dog stall looking very hopeful.

Must say I get lots of laughs once I've recovered from the

Jumping Jack with Favourite Toy...
by: Susan Roome

Oh dear - you mean there is worse to come ???
Ha Ha - I still love him to bits!

What a laugh
by: ABrenda Scottnonymous

Sounds like normal whippet behaviour. My two often go half way round the course then decide it would be much more fun to steel someone else's toys and have a chase round the field.

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