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Italian Dog Breeds

Italian dog breeds: find out about their traits, looks, temperaments and attitudes. 

Bolognese, an Ancient Italian Dog Breed

Small, compact dog of the Bichon family characterized by a white, curly coat with no undercoat.

This ancient breed is considered since the Roman times a prized pet. 

The hair's texture is woolly, doesn’t need trimming and sheds very little but requires frequent combing to prevent matting.

The Bolognese has a calm and serious temperament, responds well to training and shows a very strong attachment to his human family.


The Bracco is a large size hound fit for any kind of hunt. The long ears, abundant skin and big nose give him a serious and almost severe expression. The coat is fine and short. The color is white mixed with any shade of brown.

His remarkable learning ability and pleasant temperament make of the Bracco also a perfect companion at home.

Cane Corso 

This elegant mastiff was an Italian dog breed rescued from extinction and is enjoying new popularity thanks to his many abilities.

Because of its trainability and balanced temperament this breed can be guardian of herds and property, hunter or body guard. The Cane Corso is not recommended as a first dog.

Short coated, shows many gorgeous colors: from black to fawn, gray and brindle.


A medium sized hound, popular in Sicily in the Etna area. Employed in the rabbit hunt, shows remarkable stamina, frugality and sturdiness.

Short coated, the Cirneco is typically fawn with or without white.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Typical water dog, the curly coated lagotto, is the only breed specialized in the search of truffles.

The Lagotto is a medium sized dog of excellent temperament that can easily become a family pet thanks to his trainability and loving temperament.

They have a curly coat that sheds very little.


This small dog of silky, white coat, became popular in all Mediterranean countries probably because he used to travel on ships, keeping at bay the rat population.

Thanks to the refined look and gorgeous long coat, the Maltese quickly assumed the role of pampered pet. Maltese dogs are extremely lively and playful but may become snappy.

Mastino Napoletano

An imposing mastiff, direct descendent of the Roman war dogs. A male Mastino Napoletato can get to 70 kg.(155 pounds).

Gentle and quiet with the family, the Mastino Napoletano’s only presence is an excellent trespassing deterrent.

This naturally protective dog is not recommended for novice dog owner.

As most large dogs, his life expectancy is short, only 7 years on average.

Pastore Bergamasco

An active, docile, smart and efficient herding dog. 

Of medium size, he is characterized by a long coat that mats together in long strings, providing a good shelter from any kind of weather.

The Bergamasco is a balanced and active dog that bonds closely with his owner.  

Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese

These dogs belong to the family of the mighty white dogs of central Europe. 

Large, independent, frugal and fearless, the Maremmano is dedicated to the defense of the sheep from wolves and closely bonds with his herd.

The white abundant coat makes this dog indifferent to the bitter cold and clearly marks the shepherd from the predators.

Piccolo Levriero Italiano

A miniature greyhound, this Italian dog breed retains all the hunting instincts that make this little hound excel in coursing and rabbit hunting.

This is the smallest of the sighthounds, weighting up to only 5 kg. (10 pounds).

Tidy, elegant and sociable, the Italian greyhound makes the ideal apartment pet, best suited to a quiet household.

Segugio Italiano a Pelo Raso and Segugio Italiano a Pelo Forte

Two version of the same medium sized scent hound, one with a fine short coat, the other wire haired.

Typically a working dog,  he is unbeatable in following the prey.

The segugio is very vocal  and likes to work in team. The segugio temperament is sweet and playful.


Unsurpassed hunting dog of large size, always in tune with his master. 

The Spinone is an excellent swimmer and retriever. 

These dogs also makes great companions because they know how to be very sweet, affectionate and totally devoted to their human family.

Docile and patient, the Spinone is also good with children and easily gets along with other pets.


Not one of the most famous of the Italian dog breeds, the volpino is a small, attractive dog of spitz type. 

Very attached to the family, alert and reactive, it makes an excellent alarm dog and pet but can become a compulsive barker.

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