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Whippet Mixes
by: Jamie

We rescued my dog Spencer from a shelter when he was three months old as well.
We were told that he was pit bull-lab mix, but he's faster than any pit bull or lab I've seen and he's not built like either, he's too thin and has powerful legs and he is great in agility.
He also doesn't look just lab and pit bull so we think he's got whippet in him, and he's got the personality of one.
More recently we've been doing search and rescue with him.
Your dog could have whippet in him too!

more pictures to come
by: Faith

I will try and add a better picture that gives a better view of him. Thanks!

Beautiful Pair
by: Marion

Your dog certainly seems to have Whippet ears and mischievous look, would like to see his body. Lovely photograph

Lovely Picure
by: Elda

Lovely picture and beautiful dog!
Has he got any whippet in him? Diffucult to say from this picture, let´s see what other whippeteers think about your black beauty!

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