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I Miss You, Rocky

by Srishti Chauhan
(Mohali, Punjab, India)



There was one who was our pet
Not in my house
But in my nani's house it was kept
He was brought in polythene
With black twinkling, shiny eyes
And was slim trim
It was active and clever
And very smart and keen
He used to jump and lick
Whenever we had a visit
He used to keep a fast
But I think
Know you will have a great laugh
On every Thursday, he would do this
Even my Bro forcefully put a piece

Now I just came back from school
And was excited to tell school function news
But before this only,
I heard a news
And flopped the idea to tell the news
I was glad to show the occasion's dress
But before that only,
My eyes gone wet
When I heard that. ROCKY IS DEAD?
I cried in kitchen
To show my strong heart
But couldn't control myself
Hence, flowed the river well!
My mother, My brother
My masi , My mamu
My nana, My nani
We all were very sad
For the happening which had
It was birthday of my nana
And also became
The DYEING DAY of my pet

Another day also, I was very sad
My friend asked me the reason
What happened to my always laughing season ?
But how to tell them
Who has gone ?
Who has arrived ?
They can't understand
Cuz only I know the value of my precious pet
Who is now dead
Who is no more

Sometimes I don't understand
Why God is being so cruel
When Rocky was just five
He finished his fuel

The only pray from my god is
Send back Rocky
Wherever he is
Send back Rocky
Wherever he is !!

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by: c.s. chauhan

Excellent idea in memory of loved and cherished pets.

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