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Duece the Whippet Husky Mix

by Lorraine
(Casper wy)

About 7 yrs ago we bought for our daughter what we thought was a husky in fact she was bred as a sled dog.

When the mother had puppies, a pure white one won my husband's heart....he didn't have much choice as the pup picked him and that was that.

We kept her and everyone says she has greyhound but after reading about the husky whippet mix I think it's whippet.

She loves going for rides as she knows it means going to the park where she runs a lap or 5.

She plays fetch and we never have to make her leave. When she is done she goes to her rope and stands with her nose against it telling us she's done and ready to go home.

She loves the snow and boy, can she pull!

There are so many good things about her that I could go on and on.

She is very hyper but we wouldn't trade her for anything!

Her name is Medusa but Duece is what we call her.

She has one blue eye with a little brown, the other eye is brown with a little blue.

We love her like she was our child & she knows it :-)

Our dooterbug is the best friend we have ever had!

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Former Sled Dog Whippet Mix

by Mark Nelson
(Bend, Oregon)

Bonnie running in the snow.

Bonnie running in the snow.

Bonnie is a Whippet mix who started life as a sled dog. Bred with Alaskan Huskies, she mixes speed, endurance, light weight and an intense love for snow. Alas, her timidness around other dogs, especially with food, led to her being "retired" at an early age. The musher is a friend of mine and keeps track of her eager change into a great companion dog.

When we first took her home she was about as timid as any dog can be. She would hardly eat and would run away from any other dogs. After a few months though, she has become much more comfortable with her new life.

Instead of running from other dogs, she now seeks them out. At the park or around familiar dogs, she'll usually jump up and bark at them (very playfully) and prance around, but when they run over to her she gets very submissive for a bit, then jumps and plays. Still, more than one dog at a time is a bit much for her and the timidness comes back. One at a time is more her speed, then she'll try to instigate a chase--with her being the chased.

Snow is her real love though. Nothing makes Bonnie happier than when we put the skis in the car and head uphill. As we get closer she'll get more and more excited until finally released for a few quick laps in the parking lot before heading off in the woods with us on our ski trips. We've been thinking about getting into skijoring as she has the energy and is harness trained.

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