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How to Train a Puppy for a Dog Show

Find out how to train a puppy for a dog show. Puppy training tips and free dog training videos to get ready for your first dog show.

Despite our best laid plans, all the training and rehearsals, Lola’s behavior on the morning of her first dog show didn’t fail to surprise us.

We arrived very early in order to settle and have the ring for us for some precious moments before the competition started.

The other contestants were still busy grooming their dogs when we walked into the desert ring. We took few steps and my proud and courageous little whippet... froze completely and looked at me with her most stubborn stare.

Maybe it was the strange place or most probably all those dogs barking, Lola stood in the middle of the ring and simply refused to to move in any direction.

While I was trying to sweet talk her into putting one foot after the other in whatsoever direction, she pulled back with decision and slipped out of her new and carefully color matched showing leash and ...froze again.

I seized the moment, before she could think of anything silly to do, picked her up, went to the nearest show supply stall and bought a more substantial, secure and expensive showing leash.

Then, armed with patience, we went back to the ring and started pacing up and down, jogging around, stopping and posing.

Soon other participants joined in with their young dogs and we helped each other practicing and getting our dogs more relaxed and confident.

Finally our big moment arrived and to my horror I was asked to run around the ring first, without the comfort of a more experienced leader to follow.

Luckily my brave little whippet at that point was confident enough to do graciously and even with a certain composure all she was asked.

In few minutes it was over, Lola was free to be her usual whimsical self and I to enjoy my capricious whippet puppy.

She didn’t do as well as I hoped but tomorrow there will be another dog show and another chance to prove to the world that my puppy actually is the best dog on earth.

Free Dog Training Videos for a Quick Start

How to train a puppy for showing cannot be improvised, it requires preparation and training. Watch these videos of gorgeous whippet puppies for a quick start tutorial in dog showing. Click on the arrow to start.

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