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Whippets cannot walk v far
by: Denise Doran

We have a whippet. Comparing her to my last dog- a staffie cross- is like comparing two different species. My whippet cannot wait to get out each morning and we walk for about an hour. Then she sleeps- for hours! 2 further walks for max 30 mins each, suffice for the rest of the day. She sleeps a lot in between.
We walked 11.5km once and she slept for most of the next 24 hours. I felt terrible and didn't bring her on such long walks again. The most she has walked in one go since is 3 hours, and again she slept for the remainder of the day.
I have therefore learnt that bursts of exercise work best for this breed.
If you prefer regular long walks for hours on end, consider a different breed plse.

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