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Home Remedies For Dogs
Whippet Care Tips

Find out about home remedies for dogs. Nothing can replace a veterinary visit but some common whippet care problems like dog skin rashes can be addressed at home.

Itchy Skin

The localization of dog skin rashes can sometimes reveal the cause of the problem.

Often dogs that scratch the hind legs and the area around the base of the tail suffer of a flea infestation.

Allergies generally cause itching at the front of the dog's body, while food reactions give irritation all over.

If there is no apparent cause to the problem, these home remedies for dogs can help mitigate the reaction.

An effective dog itchy skin home remedy is a cool bath with oatmeal.
To prepare the bath, fill a clean, old cotton sock with oatmeal, attach it to the faucet and let the water run through it. Then use the sock to gently pat your dog on the critical spots.

Also Epsom salts are effective to relieve itchy skin on your dog's feet. Pour few inches of water in the tub, add a cup of Epsom salts and soak your whippet's feet for few minutes.


Whippets are notorious comfort seekers but with age a soft and warm bed becomes essential for your senior whippet.

Our hounds tend to age gracefully but you probably will notice one day that your dog's gait is getting a little stiffer or your whippet is suffering of puzzling intermittent lameness. Your senior dog is probably affected by some form of arthritis and here are some home remedies for dogs with arthritis.

You can help your hound in his golden years with a soft and supportive bed, warmth, moderate exercise and appropriate supplements.

Do not forget to keep your dog warm with a coat in cold weather.


Diarrhea is a defense mechanism of the body to get rid of something harmful and it is generally safer to let it follow its own course instead of administering a medication that might just suppress the symptoms.

Diarrhea can be caused by a "tasty" morsel your garbage hound has gobbled up, a virus, nervousness, intestinal parasites, sensitivity to certain foods or a sudden change in the diet.

The most strait forward approach to diarrhea is to stop feeding your dog. As simple as that: nothing in, nothing out.

If after a 24 hours fast things don't get any better or if you notice blood in the feces, fever, vomiting or other signs of poisoning, seek immediate veterinary advice.

When your dog can start eating again it is advisable to offer something light like small quantities of boiled rice and chicken meat and gradually return to the usual diet.

Diarrhea can cause dehydration so always keep fresh water available.

Milk can be difficult to digest for some dogs so it is better avoided in case of stomach upset.

When to Seek Immediate Vet Attention

It is not always easy to decide when to consult the veterinarian and to define what truly makes an emergency.

These are some of the cases when I wouldn't think twice to take my pet to the vet office rather than look for home remedies for dogs.

Allergic reaction

Insect stings can cause an allergic reaction with swelling and block of the respiratory tract.
My little lurcher was once attacked by a full beehive. We had to run fast and luckily the bees didn't follow us.
We ended the afternoon at the vet clinic where my dog was promptly treated and survived.


Profuse bleeding, deep wounds, deep wounds to the head, the chest or abdominal cavity require immediate medical assistance.
If you can, try to limit the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound with a clean dressing.

Electrical shock

Not an unusual kind of injury when puppies take an interest in chewing electrical cords.
Remember to cut the power or disconnect the plug before touching the dog to take him to the clinic.


The most common and lethal toxins ingested by dogs are rat poison and antifreeze.
If you think your whippet might have ingested one of these substances, don't wait for symptoms but immediately take him to the vet and, if possible, take a sample of the poison with you.


Don't put your hands near the mouth of a convulsing dog!
He is experiencing uncontrollable muscle contractions and he may bite you involuntarily.
Bring him to the vet as soon as the seizures subside.

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