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She adopted us to be her family
by: Heather Purcell

She would come to my husband's work place but never close enough for him to pet her.

He watched he over several months and seen that she had lost a lot of weight, so we assume that she had had a litter of puppies but we never found them.

Shortly after this she became friendlier and would come closer to my husband. Eventually she came right to him and from that point on, she was ours.

After a couple of weeks we decided that we were going to try bringing her home. She then would go to work everyday with my husband and would be waiting at the front door of the shop, so she could come back home with my husband.

Now 2 years later she lives with us, plus 3 little sisters and 1 little brother/mate, which brings me to my question.

How many puppies do you think she will have now that she breed with a chihuahua? Any comments will be very helpful and appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

My Angel Sog Shiloh
by: Alida

I got Shiloh as Rescue Puppy 8 months ago. Love her to bits.

I have been googling for months now to understand what breed she may be from. And WOW!! A friend suggested I try whippet X lab.

And I could not believe the resemblance, in appearance and behavior.

She is only +- 10 months now and thrives on attention, very alert, and just LOVES to run, and very fast.

She is still growing, and even though not so small any more - always tries to sit on top of me when I relax on my front yard lawn.

I do not mind, and enjoy hugging her and at the same time engage in some fun play....

Like the opportunity to share and read up about other real dog lovers.

My whippet looks just like yours
by: Anonymous

I read your story and it describes my Lilly. She was also a rescue. She is blind in one eye which they told me happened as a puppy. I take her to a dog beach about 20 miles away and as soon as we get off the interstate she can hardly contain herself she is so excited. I so enjoy watching he run from the dunes into the water.

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