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by TychoB
(Fayette County KY)

We rescued Fiona at the Local Humane Society on a Monday Morning three years ago.

She had been dropped off by owner on Friday as the owner 'was moving'. Humans... She was trembling with fear & she shared my dead mother's birthday.

I did not hesitate. She was 3 yo then, & we don't know how we ever lived without her.

At first she was very quiet.

She has two Schnauzer siblings & she loves them & respects their rank. They love her too & they taught her how to be noisy & chase chipmunks.

She is the sweetest dog we have ever had & we are old now. She is smart & gentle & a little shy with strangers.

Now she barks likes a madwoman when anyone enters the property; she must have sonar hearing. She barks when the Schnauzers bark just because. She is very loud with that big barrel chest & she smiles now too.

She sheds like a dog & we vacuum QD. You could knit a white sweater...

I've made her some custom funny shaped fleece lined coats & long neck dog dickies because she gets cold easily & we spend hours outside every day here. She likes her sweaters & blankets & she loves to snuggle cheek to cheek.

Whoever gave her up must have loved her because she does know basic etiquette & a few tricks & she takes her turn, defers to the alpha girl & know's how to tell a story.

Sometimes she won't stop with the sing-song 'ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh' story.

We are honored to be her humans.

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