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by: Elda

What a spirited whippet! I never thought a whippet could jump that high.

Aren't you afraid that the barbed wire can do more damage than good?

whippet fences
by: fencer

We had to build ours pretty high. Speedy, our little brindled whippie loves to jump and play.

We first started off with a standard 2meter fence, but Speedy jumped right over that and brought us back some squirrels. We weren't hungry enough to cook those up.

We then installed a 5 meter "high fence", thinking that would be the end of it. Speedy went missing, and we looked all over the back yard, and couldn't find him. An hour later he was at our doorstep with a bunny and the neighbor's cat. I never liked that cat anyway.

We are now installing what the Fence men call the "Tall boy" it's a 14meter MDF with barbed wire at the top, and the barbed wire has 10K volts going through it. we'll let you know how that goes. I'm tired of digging holes to put our "gifts" in.

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