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by Rhona

Our male whippet is beautiful but he has one trait we are trying to deal with.

He is extremely excitable when visitors arrive and when passing people and dogs when out walking.

We have gone to classes but little changed. I also use a dog spray of valerian which helps - but not much outside.

I don’t want to dope him all the time but could use some suggestions I could try. It does make it difficult to go for walks.

Even after a 2 hour walk he is just the same.

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Hyper Dogs
by: Zelda

How old is your whippet? Young dogs are very active but they tend to mellow with age.

Training will help if you promptly reward calm behaviour with treats and toys.

Supplements like Zylkene, a natural hydrolysed milk protein, can help your dog take stressful situations in his stride.

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