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Answering Elda's question
by: Marc

We trained her with a couple of sign language.
She learned with our facial expression if it's good or not, when it's time to eat, when we call her with our hands, etc.
And one IMPORTANT thing is, we never walk that dog without a leash. Thanks.

a royal Queen
by: Lorenna

she is really beautifull. She looks like a Queen!

Congratulations, you have a exceptional dog!

my regards,

Lorena from Costa Rica.

by: liz jones

She is so lovely, we had a deaf whippet and she could understand every expression of ours and also hand signals.

To call her from one room to another we would stamp the floor, she would feel the vibrations.

She lived till she was 13yrs. I'm sure you will have many happy years with Shirley.
Just beautiful!

She's a queen!
by: Elda

A real cutie and a wonderful picture!
She has a very regal posture indeed, she looks more like a queen than a princess to me.

I am very curious about her training.
How did you train her and how did she learn the recall command?

Best wishes to your pretty queen,


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