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Dog Memorials: Ellie, the True Lassie

by Morressa Wagner
(Wingate , NC)

To Ellie my lassie
and a lassie you were.
You would bark when you're happy, sad or mad
to say hello in the morning
to say good bye at night
you were a true lassie
and a lassie you were.
The night you went, I cried and cried.
It was too soon to say good bye,
you whined to say I love you one last time
and you closed you eyes and went home.
I remember you to this day and I always will.
I love you my dear Ellie lass
always you were a true lassie
and a lassie you were.

Ellie died on september 9th 2008 at 6:30 Monday night, she will always be missed.
Good bye my lass

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by: Marion

Dear, dear Ellie, how loved she was and never to be forgotten, I am sure.

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