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Dog Memorials: Bandit

by Erica & Robyn
(Niagara Falls, NY)

Bandit trying to butter up the Santa Blanket!!

Bandit trying to butter up the Santa Blanket!!

2 weeks ago I lost one of a pair of brothers.

He was only 9 years old, he had developed a cough which caused him to have seizures. I had taken him to the vet and after an anti-seizure med and 10 days of antibiotics, he seemed to get better.

Unfortunately he then took a turn for the worst, I rushed him to the vet but they couldn't figure out what it was, he had his neck completely stretched out and was panting.

He had no temperature, his gums were fine, and he wasn't dehydrated, no rapid heart-beat, no obvious signs of a cause.

I decided to leave him overnight, let them run blood work and x-rays, whatever they needed to do to make my boy better.

20 minutes after arriving home the vet called said an x-ray revealed an extremely enlarged heart and during the course of the x-ray he turned blue.

I decided it was time to let him go, and rushed back to the vet. Bandit passed 2 minutes prior to me getting to say goodbye.

I SWEAR he knew...he knew 2 weeks before we weren't ready to let him go nor deal with how serious it was, he did what he could to stay with us till we could accept it might be something serious, and I believe he went before I got back cause he knew that was easiest for me.

We loved him, and we miss him everyday so does his brother.

R.I.P Bandit, we hope you are running with all your brothers and sissy eating a big rawhide and peeing on every tree you can find.

I keep waiting for the day I can remember him and smile. I'm at the stage now where I still cry, I think about goofy things he did, I smile but it turns to tears.

I see his collar and leash.
"Baby" I cry "9 years wasn't enough!"

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Run free Bandit
by: Triva Iverson

I am so sorry for your loss of Bandit... I'm sure his brother misses him too. Hopefully he's playing at the rainbow bridge with my boys Rocket and FastDog :)

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