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Comments for Do Whippets do well alone while I'm at work?

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Good Idea!
by: Elda

Thank you for your contribution.
Yes, I think that a dog sitter could be a nice solution for a dog left at home for many hours.

I used to jog with my whippets and they never had any problem with it, actually they hardly noticed that I was jogging they just kept walking or sprinting around!

Whippet and Working
by: Beth

I believe there might be some other options that could work. We have a really nice doggy daycare in our city and I use that 1-2 days per week depending on the weather. I work but I come home for lunch almost every day and have time to play with the girls. You could also look into a pet sitter that could come to your home during the day for a small period of time to play with the pup.

I am also not sure if the whippet is the right breed for jogging for an hour as they are more sprinters. Not sure on that though.

Good luck!

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