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Doggy Door Size
by: Renae

I am looking for a suitable doggy door for my male whippet.

You recommend a medium size, 20cm wide x 40cm tall, but I am finding it hard to find one.

The image you have is of a Staywell original but these do not come in the proportions you have recommended, the medium in this brand is too small.

The Staywell aluminium medium is closer to your recommended size but still smaller. I don't want to get a door that is too big, the large size is a bit bigger than your measurements.

If you can recommend a specific brand and model that would be really helpful :)


The size I recommended is the ideal size but then we have to deal with reality and with what we find on the market.

As you smartly detected from the picture, after a lot of thinking, I opted for a bigger door, not ideal but comfortable for the dog.

If you can't find any door of a suitable size, the solution to this dilemma would be to make or have a door made to measure.

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