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He looks like my gsd
by: Anonymous

He looks a spit of my german shepherd.

He looked like a lab when little but yours looks the same but with soft ears. You get some gsds where their ears never stand up.

Mine has a little wolf in him which gives a curly tail.
Hes also vocal in terms of talking to you.
Rarr rarr rurr rurr rurr
The markings are also identical with the tan line.

Mine is also very clever and full of character.

Beautiful Boy!
by: Kevin

Hi Steven,
My Dazey is a little over 2 years old and she and Dexter could easily be siblings. Her story is on this page as well. She has the exact same markings and your description of Dexter's traits mirror hers.
Dazey is a freak for Frisbee catching, loves to wrestle and she also sneaks into bed sometimes but she prefers her own bed so she can stretch out as long as the cat hasn't gotten to her bed first, lol.
Dexter looks like he sheds a lot too.
How is he with strangers and kids? Just curious if he is as skittish as Dazey is.

Our dog fits your description
by: Julieac in GA USA

We adopted a female Lab mix (2+ years old) and do not know what she is crossed with.

We had a full breed Lab for 17 years so we know Labs.

We know she is somewhat different. We just couldn't figure what she is. She is blonde with slightly darker markings, has the pointed chest, and an upward curled tail. When we first got her we thought Pit. But then my husband found a blonde Dalmation mix with no spots whatsoever, and this particular was described as a Dal/Whippet mix. We kept looking and found you on Pinterest. Short of doing dog DNA, we think she is a Whippador just like yours. We think we may still do a DNA test just to learn.

Bella is a beautiful dog, the vet says she must have been agility trained because she jumps as high as my husband is tall and "whips" around in mid-air. Her temperament is wonderful, she's smart, learns quickly, understands commands, loves people and other critters (though she seems to have a dislike of cats from afar) etc.

We are both in love with her!!!

Thanks for your post!!!!

We own a Whippador
by: Anonymous

Hi, I cannot get over the exact resemblance that your Dexter is to our Charity. My husband and I adopted our precious Charity in December of last year. Charity was 12 weeks old and was among many rescued puppies brought into Tampa from Louisiana.
We were told that she was a Labrador mix, but had no idea what she was mixed with. I happened to be looking at lab mixes trying to figure out what our girl is mixed with, as she is so unusual in her coloring and sweet demeanor. When I saw the pictures of your Dexter, I could not believe it, if I did not know better, I would think it was the same dog! I now know that we have a beautiful Whippador!!!!

Our mixed puppy
by: Anonymous

Omg. Our baby, Marnie, looks just like your pal. So strange. Our gal is 3, and we rescued her about 1 yr ago. We didn't know her breed/ mix. Sweetest dog !!!!

Best Dog Ever
by: Michele

We adopted a dog from a no-kill shelter that we believe is a black lab/whippet mix.

She is just as you described....sweet, playful, and overall has a just a wonderful disposition.

She loves to run and play but also happy to just hang out, relax and take a nap.

She seems to want to do whatever we want to do - not high maintenance at all.

She is extremely smart and very responsive to anything we ask her to do (or not to do.) She is wonderful with kids, very little shedding.

Overall the perfect dog and we are very happy to have her in our family!

One more thing - this is the perfect sized dog - big enough go on a hike or long walk, small enough to take in the car and on trips with us. Everyone that meets her just loves her.

by: Anonymous

Do whippet x labs shed a lot?

Send us a Pic!
by: Elda

Amanda, send us a picture with the form on this page

my whippet mix

We are waiting for your whippet mix photo!

Omg! Twins. From all the way in NY
by: Amanda

Our dogs are twins!!
I have to show you a picture of my dog. Seriously he looks just like my pup sunny! We had testing done he is a true lab whip mix!
Our dog and my dog look the same, same color and everything! How can I send you a picture?

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