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Where to find a CHI whippet cross
by: Anja

Hi there. I adopted Sadie 3 months ago from a rescue.She was five months old at the time. At the time I could see she was part Chi but had really long legs.She weighed 9.49lbs at the time but was quite underweight for her age.She was basically skin and bones. 2 months later she was 15 lbs. and as of May 30 she is now 19lbs of lean machine.They thought she was Chi and miniature greyhound but since she has passed how big they get I believe she is Whippet/Chi. She looks exactly like some of the dogs in the pictures. For fun I have ordered a dog DNA test. Check with rescues. They get many purebred, mix breeds and all breeds. All dogs are good dogs.
All dogs want to be loved. Good luck in finding your next love bug.

Looking for a forever home
by: Jean in AZ

There is a Chi-whippet , 10 months old, that desperately need a home in AZ. Can anyone help?

looking for a chippet too
by: Elizabeth

Fell in love with a chippet (Chihuahua-whip mix) at my human society. Someone else was inline to adopt him first. I can't stop thinking about this wonderful dog. Desperately want a chippet! Any one have ideas where I can find one??

My Chihuahua-whippet
by: Anonymous

I just recently got this dog. I was told it was a chihuahua. I took her into the vet for an exam, shots etc. The vet told me he was pretty sure my dog is a chihuahua-whippet mix.

She is such a nice dog. I was told she occasionally has "accidents" in the house. She has never had an accident.

I do let her outside often, but even when I have to leave her home for up to 6 hrs, she's never had any accidents.

I didn't really want a dog, since I'm an owner of an old cat (10yrs old) & there really isn't much work involved with the cat.

But here I was with a dog now. I thought I'd try and find a nice home for her, but she's just to precious to let go.

I'm sure you're still sad when you think of your dog. My heart goes out to you. I have to agree, this breed is so special.

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