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Furry puppy
by: Tonia

I can't believe how furry your dog was as a puppy.

Does your dog shed? Most whippets don't have long hair and don't shed but it looks like your little guy might.

He is very pretty.

Referred to see your story
by: Sandra Billings

Hi there

I was referred from a friend to come visit your Boomer page because your dog looks so much like mine. I have to say they are very similar.

My dog also is a whippet mix. She has longer hair and a bushy tail like your Boomer. I am taking her to dog training to get under control her sudden biting or nipping at faces and fingers being waved at her.

I will try to send you a pic when I can figure out how to use my new camera.

Your story is cute and I'm happy my friend told me about it. To bad I live in Canada, we could of had a play date.

by: Liz

I see your dog jumping in one of these pics, he is adorable. Do you have a problem with him jumping fences or anything? We just lost our dog who jumped a 5 foot fence and he was a smaller Whippet. We are hoping we get a call on him soon. I'm checking all the websites for Whippets so that is why I stopped by this one. Your pictures caught my eye. My dog looks like yours without all the hair and furry tail. Please say prayers for us to find our Cimmeron.

Many Blessings to you


Eating habits
by: Darlene Sosa

I was wondering what you feed your dog. He looks very healthy even his coat. Is your dog finicky about food? Mine wants to eat everything, but then gets sick easy. He has a queezy tummy. My dog is also a Whippet mix but looks more like the mix and acts like the Whippet. I'm trying to get pics to post them on this site.

by: Sandy Beam

Your dog looks like the normal height of a whippet, about 22". Just wondering what his weight is. I'm trying to see if my whippet is a mix like yours. I think he has more hair than yours. I've been trying to figure out what he is mixed with and can't afford to by the test to find out. Thanks. Beautiful dog you have.

Not the normal Whippet
by: Richard

I've never seen a Whippet with so much hair. But you can tell he is a Whippet by the body and face. I think it is cool how all Whippets have the same type of face and the sad eyes. I have a feeling you will see more spots pop up on your dog. But he is a good looking dog.

Wow, Boomer!
by: kathy

Your dog is so very cute. I would love to snuggle with him. I'm so glad he found a good home.

Whippet, Whippet Good.....
by: Patrick D.

(Got to Love Devo) I lost my dog because she jumped a fence and was hit by a car.

We never had a problem with that and one day she decided to jump. We miss her.

So, since this is the sunshine of your family may I suggest to be sure you get a CHIP for your dog.

These dogs tend to be runners when they decide, or jumpers in my dogs case. Also be sure you have a tall fence.

The best of luck with your dog. These pictures made me decide its time to go get another one. Whippets are unique in character.

What's up leanna?
by: Anonymous

Your son loves you!

Quinn Marino

I love it!!!
by: Sandra

Beautiful Dog! Beautiful Story.

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