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Barking Whippet at Night

by Julie
(Perth, Australia)

Our 3 year old whippet is barking at night when let out, he runs along the back fence barking. He has only started doing it this year, we are situated near a nature reserve and have a lot of birds in the backyard and recently we have been visited by an owl, so wondering if this could be the reason. We also have a new baby so not sure if our whippet is feeling a little left out. He gets walked regularly and has play dates with other dogs weekly.


Your whippet is probably getting excited about wild animals near your garden.
At night wild creatures are bolder and dogs become more aware of unusual noise.
My dogs do the same when they feel any wildlife in the backyard, they sound the alarm to warn us of anything they perceive as danger.
Your dog is just doing his job to alert you. :-)

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Barking at Night

by Melissa
(South Australia)

Our 12 month old whippet has just started barking at night.
It is spring and the birds have started making noise.
Our beautiful boy does not normally bark, but now at 4:00 am he is barking non stop. We think he is barking at the birds or neighbour hood cats, but are not sure.
He is just racing around the back garden barking at what appears to be nothing.
He sleeps inside and has a doggy door to outside. We have to lock him in at night now. It doesn't stop the barking though.
How can we stop the barking before the neighbours make a formal complaint to council?

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Night Barking
by: Elda

First of all make sure your boy has enough excercise during the day.
A tired whippet is far less excitable and more obedient.

Another important step is to get him used to sleep in his crate.
This will restrict the ground he has to "guard" and put him in a more relaxed state of mind.

If possible place the crate in your bedroom and as soon as he starts barking (if he does) rap on the top.

All these actions should put your whippet in "off mode" and give everybody the chance of a restful night.

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Barking and Jumping Fences

by Mal Butler


I have a whippet x cattle dog, he's the most loving dog and gentle, but if he hears anything on the other side of the the fence he starts growling and barking and now jumping the fence, we are now getting complaints from neighbors, which I can understand but now I don't know what to do.

He doesn't like being on his own either. We are now sadly looking for another home for him. He's 14mths old, we have had him for only six weeks, and we have a cat to who won't come out of a bedroom.

Please help!


I'm afraid I have no easy solutions to your problem.

Obviously your dog is young and active.

He needs higher fences, safe confinement, training, company, and a lot of activity like long walks and play to burn off energy.

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