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Car sickness
by: Andy

Our 5 month old Montie just had his first two non-sick car trips yesterday. Try putting Badger on the floor in front of the rear seat, not the seat, where he can curl up and feel safe. Give him his favorite toy. Distract him while the car is stationary at traffic lights and get him out as quickly as possible when you get to your destination. That seems to work for Montie :)

by: Marion

We have "Sweetpea" who came to live with us when she was two, she too used to get car sick.

Now, after taking her on short trips to the shops and other outings, she is just mad about going in the car.

We haven't taken her on any lengthy journeys, but we already see a big improvement, no drooling or retching. It may also just be a case of nerves at first.

Give it a try, hopefully it will work for you.

South Africa

car sickness
by: Elda

Alas, there is no magic for dog car sickness.

Most dogs will outgrow the problem but whatever time it takes, it will seem like far too long.

My new pup suffers of motion sickness too and I'm training her with short drives to the dog park as often as I can.

She rides in her crates on an empty stomach and the fun she has with other dogs makes her forget the discomfort.

Have a look at this page for more suggestions and may the force be with us!

by: Saff Tyson

Badger is gorgeous. My whippet Margo used to suffer with travel sickness but grew out of it eventually.

cute pic
by: Anonymous

That is a really sweet photo!

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