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Comments for Abby: Whippet & Jack Russell Terrier Mix (We Think)

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by: Tycho

Sweet story & she looks like our Fiona's twin. Blessings

I think I've found my breed!
by: Anna

I just adopted a Jack Russell mix, but when I searched out pics of Whippets, they were exactly as my dog looks!

He has the markings of a Jack, but a very slender body and long gangly legs. He has short bursts of energy and wants to play fetch with his ball, then has periods of snuggling and sitting with us, so not hyper like a Jack can be.

My only experience is with Jacks but adopted this guy recently. When walking on the leash, his ears are back and down and his spine curves into an arc like a small greyhound - that's what gave me the idea to research the Jack-Whippet mix. I feel this helps me understand his nature a little better, since he is a mix of both dogs' qualities.

My Whippet/Jack Russel Mix
by: Chuck

We got Wrigley at the Animal Shelter when she was about 2-3 months old. One day after we got her she had to go back in the animal hospital because she had Parvo. She survived and all the comments here describe her. She's sweet, gentle, great around kids, playful, etc. She even throws her own toys in the air and catches them. She's smart, and mastered several tricks in days. I take her pheasant hunting and she has a great nose for birds, but doesn't like gun shots.

She loves to cuddle with everyone in the family, tummy rubs, and sleeping under blankets with us. I've had labs in the past and the temperament of this dog is as good, if not better.

She has to be one of the best dogs I've ever had or known.
Stick with your training. Be consistent in everything you do or your dog will train you. By that I mean get her to do what you want her to do rather than she getting you to do what she wants.

Jack Whippet
by: Beth

So glad to find another jack whippet for comparison, our Ollie looks just like Abby! He is now 11 months and is the best dog ever, so smart, athletic as heck when he is outside chasing, but chill in the house. We have him in puppy training class and is the model dog each week :)

by: Abby's mom

Come train our Abby....she is smart but a very cautious & feisty girl.

Abby is 2 and we don't know a lot about her background as she is a rescue.

She is the sweetest girl with us and just cannot get enough love.

She is smart but has to be leashed and we just fenced our backyard too.

Hope you can post a pic so we can compare.

Thanks for commenting.

whippet russell
by: Anonymous

I have the same dog, 16 months old, smartest dog I've ever owned. She was trained in less than 3 days, front yard no leash, house trained, fetch and retrieve, sit, stay, opened our back screen door in 2 days!

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