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A delightful Weimaraner/Whippet mix - Our Phoebe

by Rokrover
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

We were blessed to have adopted Phoebe who is an adorable, amazing Weimaraner/Whippet mix.

She exhibits traits of both breeds - supremely intelligent, stubborn, athletic, family obsessive, bossy, muscular, explosively fast, driven by keen scent and sight prey instincts yet lovingly sweet and affectionate.

At times she is overwhelming and frustrating when on the 'hunt' but we are fortunate to be retired and devote our time 24/7 to our 'velcro' dog.

Her musculature is incredible and she is a wonder to behold, outpacing even greyhounds in the dog park. Here are a few pictures of our Princess:

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Tall or Small?
by: Anonymous

She is beautiful! How tall is she at the shoulders? I'm looking to buy and I was just wondering for hunting purposes if she was large enough to fit the task.

Where did you get Phoebe?
by: Anonymous

I am not sure how old your post is. I was curious where you got Phoebe. Phoebe looks a lot like our Weimaraner mix, which we suspect might be a Weimaraner / Whippet mix.

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