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6 month old male, whimpers at the door

by charlotte

Hello -

I have had my six month old male whippet since he was 8 weeks old and he is fab! He is crate and house trained beautifully, his recall is fab and he is a delight to be around... until about 11am-1.30pm during a week day.

I work from home, he has his crate to go to in our living room, a bed in my bedroom and a bed in my office so really has the run of the home.

His schedule is pretty good as he goes out for 2 little 15 minute walks on the lead prior to my work day (between 7am-9am), a longer 30-45 minute run and off lead sprints around midday, and then when I need to settle back in to work after I have had lunch, he gets very shifty and whimpers at the door to go out.

I take him out to go a relieve himself but he just wants to play. He has lots of lovely toys in doors, ropes, squeakers, tough chews and cow hooves. Since dropping his lunch meal (he now has breakfast at 7am and dinner split in to two halves, 5pm and 7pm) he now gets a little treat ball when I have my lunch, to kick around and free his favorite treats. He is on an excellent diet and not in pain.

So... why does he whimper at the door? He knows he gets a much longer walk at 4pm when I have finished work - we go out in the woods, off the lead for over an hour and he loves it! Am I missing something that he needs at that 11-13:30 time of the day? The whimpering when we have just got back from a little run out in the fields makes me feel so guilty.

I love him very much and have even enrolled him one full day a week at daycare, and got a dog walker booked to come two days per week during the 11am-13:30pm times to give him more attention and take him out for playtime with a different person.

Any other ideas or advice would be great!

Thank you.

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Lucky Whippet!
by: Zelda

Your dog is a lucky whippet, he gets lots of love and attention.

From your message it seems that he gets everything he might need. Maybe he just whimpers because he feels animals outside, maybe a cat, dog, bird or squirrel.

I would not worry too much. Enjoy your dog!

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