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2 year old Whippet girl not neutered

by Jj
(Northants, UK)

Looking for some advice, I’ve had Josie since a puppy, she lives with us in our family home with my two children and is an excitable loving girl. At home she plays, let’s the children fuss her and is a great dog.
Josie does get very excited when people come round and her bouncing can be problematic.
However, the advice I need regards her walking. Recently, in the last few months when we all go on dog walks, she gets nasty when passing other dogs, she barks, snarls, pulls on her lead and people look horrified! Yet, if my partner or I walk her alone she can pass dogs with minimum fuss.
I’ve tried taking high value treats, crossing the road etc, but it’s like she is protecting me and the kids when walking all together.
I don’t want to walk her on my own but she’s like a different dog when she’s walking with us as a family. It’s when we pass another dog or see one approaching.
I wondered if now is the time to get her neutered and this may help?

Any suggestions welcome please :)

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by: Zelda


Spaying and neutering a house pet is always a good idea.

Probably your whippet is defensive of your family and scared of other dogs.

I'll take time to get her to relax especially when she is on leash.

Keep a distance from other dogs while distracting her with toys, treats and talking to her, then, slowly, shorten the distance to increase her tolerance to other canines.

Walk her with good natured dogs to make her relax and associate their presence with something pleasant.

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