Whippet Mix and Lurchers

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Meet My Whippet Mix!

Is My New Pup a Whippet Mix?
by Lain  (Greenville, NC)

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What's a Lurcher?

Lurchers are very popular dogs in UK, despite the fact that they are not a recognized breed. They come from a greyhound or whippet crossed with any other kind of dog, often a shepherd or a terrier. 

Very popular are sighthound and collie crosses thanks to their speed, intelligence and endurance that make them exceptional hunting dogs.

A cross between two sighthounds like a greyhound and deerhound are another kind of lurcher, often called longdogs.

Apparently the origin of the lurcher comes from the fact that commoners were not allowed to own greyhounds because only nobility had the privilege of owning and hunting with pure breed sighthounds. 

Whippet-Lurcher Cross Breeds
Pat Doyle
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As the greyhound was the dog of the nobility, the lurcher became the hunting, multipurpose and companion dog of the commoners.

These dogs were bred originally by the gypsies. The name lurcher is said to come from the Romany word “lur” that means “thief”.

The purpose of breeding a lurcher, was to obtain a dog that retained the speed of the greyhound for rabbit coursing but didn’t look too closely like a pure breed dog, because owning a greyhound for a commoner automatically made him a poacher.

Lurchers, depending on their breeding background come in various sizes, colors and coats.

They often have a rough coat that clearly differentiate them from the greyhounds and has the extra bonus of offering protection.

The lurchers with a border collie in their pedigree, often display sheep herding abilities to boot.

This type of dog, due to its mixed background, is very heterogeneous, but the most common trait seems to be their intelligence and the gentle and affectionate nature that now makes of them very popular family dogs.

Bedlington Whippet lurchers are very popular. Click on the link to see pictures and read more about them.

What’s in My Whippet Mix?

We positively love guessing what’s in the gene pool of your whippet mix but often there is more than meets the eye.

The only way to be sure about the breeds in your dog DNA is a dog breed identification test. Dog DNA testing is now easily available at affordable prices.

The dog DNA test allows you to discover the breeds present in your dog’s genes and get a better understanding of your pet’s potential health risks, behavior, and personality.

Collecting a DNA sample is harmless and can be done at home with a simple cheek swab.

After submitting the sample to the lab, the results will be mailed to you and most companies offer the test results within two weeks.

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What Breed is My Dog? 
Got my dog from the animal shelter where they told me she was a husky/lab mix but as she grew up she looks more like a whippet than anything else.

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Husky Whippet Mix 
About 7 yrs ago we bought for our daughter what we thought was a husky in fact she was bred as a sled dog. When the mother had puppies, a pure white …

A delightful Weimaraner/Whippet mix - Our Phoebe  
We were blessed to have adopted Phoebe who is an adorable, amazing Weimaraner/Whippet mix. She exhibits traits of both breeds - supremely intelligent, …

Miss Cleo - Our Whipped-up Mix 
Miss Cleo just showed up at our doorstep about seven years ago. We were not ready for another dog but were blessed with the best dang dog we have …

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Laila loves to run, jump and dig holes. She also thinks she's a lap dog and loves to TRY to snuggle on the couch. About a year ago, Laila decided …

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My family and I just rescued this whippet mix from our local kill shelter yesterday 12/22/11. Until yesterday I have never even heard of a whippet. …

Harold (Harry) the Whippet Mix 
I think I adopted a whippet mix. I have two wire haired fox terriers at home and so when one was abandoned and taken to the SPCA a friend let me know …

Whippet Mix: Memorial for Calvin 
Calvin was a terrier/whippet cross. He was a tricolored black and white seal face with harlequin mask male with a genteel nobility that pervaded his …

Doggy DNA - Scam! 
We have a rescue dog that is so clearly a border collie. He looks like the dog "Babe." Our friends have a pure bred border collie and they look like …

Boomer the Whippet Mix 
Boomer was rescued whippet mix. When we took him to the vet at 3 months old, she advised that he had also been physically and emotionally abused prior …

Cassie and Lia, Whippet Mix Rescues 
Hi! These are my girls!! I rescued them from a local rescue. Their mom was a setter mix (their dad was a whippet mix) she was dropped off at the rescue …

Whippet Mix: Izzy 
This is our lovely rescue dog, Izzy. She loves snuggling, car rides and hide-and-seek. Her favorite toys are ones that look like furry animals, she doesn't …

Staff and Pitbull Whippet Mix 
We adopted Marley (whippet pitbull mix) from the animal shelter. We learned he was born into and rescued from the largest dog fight bust in the USA. Marley …

Whippet Mix: My Lurcher Gispsy 
One day last November when I arrived home from work, in my kitchen with my husband was a whippet. I fell in love with her immediately. She had no name, …

Jillian, Our Whippet Mix 
She's a 10 month old Whippet mix that we adopted in early May of this year. She's a sweet dog, full of energy and loves to be chased, especially when …

Buffer the Whippet Mix 
This is Buffer. He is a whippet and beagle cross. To sum it up - it's a dog's life!

Whipet mix: Sombra 
We adopted Sombra, a whippet mix, at a local dog shelter. We fell in love with her immediately, but soon we discovered she was aggressive and very dominant. …

Whippet Mix: Lia 
We adopted Lia when she was 8 months, old from a local shelter. We were told she is a Whippet Mix. She definitely has the sighthound trait. She loves to …

Benji AKA Tiddles 
We had Benji at 7 weeks, he's now 10 weeks. He's very much a handful because he bites your hands and face a lot. He loves to race round the garden …

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Topsy Whippet Mix 
Topsy is a rescue dog. approx 15 months old when I bought her. I have had her for 7 years. She had just had a litter of puppies and I saw the last …

Chihuahua Whippet Mix 
I was driving home from work one evening, through the farm country of southwest Idaho near Lake Lowell, when I spied a little dog wandering back and forth …

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Coco the Whippet Mix 
Before we brought Coco home, both my husband and I did some reading about her possible breeds. We also had a session with a SPCA counselor. It was so …

Whippet Mix: Mudpuppy 
My wife and I found our whippet mix at a boat landing near to a state park in South Carolina. She and another pup had obviously been abandoned there …

Whippet Mix: How Bubbles Came Into My Life 
My name is Sarah and my puppy's name is Bubbles. I found her while looking on the internet for a puppy after my dog of 9 years passed away. I was not …

Whippet Mix Mae 
We adopted Mae from a rescue in Massachusetts where we live. She was shipped in a big truck along with about 50 other dogs from Alabama. We named her …

Whippet Mix: Charlie the Grippet (great dane/whippet mix) 
I was volunteering at a shelter. One morning at the shelter, about a year after I had lost my great dane Peanut to bloat, I went to bring some new puppies …

My Whippet Mix: Sally O'Mally 
Sally O'Mally followed me home from school one day. I wasn't quite sure what kind of dog she was, but once I started researching, I discovered she looked …

Whippet Mix: Bandit 
We got our dog from a shelter, he was 3 months old. We were told he is german shorthaired pointer and others. We are trying to figure out the "other". …

Whippet Mix: Magnolia 
We adopted Maggie (4 months old) from a shelter in Tennessee. She had a rough beginning - being abused and neglected to the point of near starvation. …

Daisy Seth Same as Mine! Incredibile! Not rated yet
I saw the picture of Daisy and I noticed that my dog is just looks like Seth! Are they brothers separated at birth? Seth comes from Caceres Spain and …

Labrador Cross Whippet Not rated yet
3 years ago I was looking on Craigslist at dogs. I was thinking of getting my dad a dog so he could get out the house and exercise. One day I came …

Clara, the Whippet Cross  Not rated yet
We adopted Clara two weeks ago. She is my very first dog! She is 1 year old and was bounced from a shelter to another rescue facility. She is the sweetest, …

My Whippet Mix Phin Not rated yet
Meet my whippet mix Phin. Last November I rescued Phin from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. His teeth told he was about 5 months old, being born …

Border Collie Whippet Mix Not rated yet
I rescued patches when she was 3 months old and was cute and could be! She was very sick and shy though and the vet told me she was a full blood border …

Rye the Whippet Mix Not rated yet
Rye came to us from the SPCA in Masterton, New Zealand. She was 6 months old and had been badly beaten. She was timid and just scared of everything especially …

Pippa the Whippet Mix Not rated yet
We just adopted our whippet mix from the pound yesterday. We immediately fell in love with her, what a snuggle bug! Love the temperament of this …

Dakota, a Loving Whippet Mix Not rated yet
Our little whippet was found in a ditch at about 2 weeks old. We decided to adopt this shy, timid puppy and what a great idea that was! We definitely …

Arlie R Not rated yet
I'd never had a dog before but I decided that I wanted one. I initially wanted an Australian Cattle Hound because I liked their looks, but I also wanted …

Lyric the Whippet Mix Not rated yet
I found a small group of puppies, described as petite chihuahua whippet mix 8 weeks old, in a Mississipi pound on a SOS high kill shelter listing animals …

Whippet Mix: Bryn Not rated yet
I rescued the then named 'Trevor' dog from the local dog pound. He came with a broken leg and a desperate need for love. For 6 weeks he was in …

Whippet mix Videos Not rated yet
Once upon a time, there were four humans live in a town named Knightdale of North Carolina,with their two adorable puppies named Coco and Becca. These …

CoCo Not rated yet
I adopted a 3-year old dog from local animal control. I knew she had some greyhound blood, but her nose did not fit. It wasn't long and narrow. But …

My Baby Karma, a Whippet Mix Not rated yet
Karma loves to run. If you take her to a dog park she will run and run and run! She's so cute, she loves kids but it is weird that she will bark only …

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Whippet Mix: Niles - Our Strange Boy Not rated yet
I want to tell you a little bit about our whippet mix dog Niles. We adopted him from a shelter in Houston when he was 2 years old and my son was 7. …

More about Henry Not rated yet
I wanted to add a couple more pictures, and add a little more specific information about Henry's personality. He definitely displays the barking that …

LILY Not rated yet
This is Lily, a one year old shelter dog. Based on her features as well as her love of running faster than all the other dogs at the dog park and her …

Lady Not rated yet
Lady is an energetic, sweet and loving dog. She is so hyper that it is unreal, but when it's bed time she loves to sleep! She jumped off of our …

Whippet Mix: The Three Amigos Not rated yet
Here we have our gorgeous pups. On the left is jack aka Mr Spangle. He is a saluki x collie. Ruby is next to him, she's a bull greyhound and the pillow …

whippet Mix Cricket Not rated yet
We adopted Cricket when she was only a few months old with no idea of her breeding. She has proven to be a good natured dog who requires a good run each …

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