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Frequently Asked Questions

What about whippets' temperament?

Whippets have a sweet and loving temperament but they can be stubborn and willful at times.

Whippets have a double personality. The couch potato that became a permanent decoration to your sofa, will suddenly turn into a determined and courageous hound when hunting or coursing.

Are whippets good with cats?

Some whippets get along with cats and some don't. Read more here about mixing cats and sighthounds.

Are whippets good with children?

Whippets seem to naturally like children. They tend to be gentle and loving.

You can read more about whippets and kids clicking here.

Are whippet destructive?

When bored, most dogs will get destructive. Click here to find out how to prevent redecorating.

Should I breed my whippet dog?

I learned at my expenses that dog reproduction is better left to the those who have proper facilities to breed dogs and whelp puppies.

Dog breeding involves a lot of work, expenses and responsabilities. Read about our adventures with the hurdles of canine reproduction by clicking here.

Are whippets good apartment dogs?

If you can provide enough exercise, whippets will happily adapt to apartment living. Thanks to their short coats, they are low maintenance dogs and shed very little.

Are whippets easy to train?

Probably a whippet is not the best candidate for the world obedience title but they are very eager to please and with patience and gentle methods you can teach them almost anything.

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Questions and Answers from Other Visitors

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Whippet Dog Health Problems 
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Can whippets jump gates while trying to escape? ANSWER Yes! They can and they will. Especially if left alone, a whippet might decide to join you …

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Our Whippet (Sheba) turned 14 last month and I have two concerns, one she does not like to be in the house she grew up in and two, she does not eat as …

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My whippet came into heat every 6 months,she's had 4seasons and hasn't ad another since. She's nearly 2 and I would love to bread her..could there be …

Whippet Crate Training Not rated yet
I absolutely LOVE your whippet website. It's well written and very informative. So first of all, thank you! I have a 4 months old whippet, Filou, who …

Whippet Collars Not rated yet
What size collar would I get an 8 week old whippet pup? We'll be getting a new whippet pup soon and I want to have a collar for her before I pick her …

Whippet Personality Not rated yet
Are whippet dogs known for being skittish? ANSWER: No, I wouldn't say that whippets are skittish. Some whippets may be shyer or more excitable …

Whippet Puppies FAQ Not rated yet
My whippet is due to have her litter in 3 weeks, I tried to breed her at her earlier heat this year but no pups resulted, so I tried again. Now she …

Dog Car Sickness Not rated yet
My 9 months old whippet suffers of motion sickness. What can I do? ANSWER: Here is an excellent answer to your question from Karen Lee, a very …

Whippet Boy or Girl? Not rated yet
My wife and I are considering getting a Whippet puppy. One question we haven't had answered are the pros and cons of male versus female Whippets. Do …

Whippet Size Not rated yet
How large does a whippet grow to? I had a whippet at one time that picked me for her owner. She was beautiful but I don't think she was 100% Whippet. …

Living Arrangements, Dog Doors and Whippets Not rated yet
I recently adopted a 5 month old male whippet puppy. He's a great dog, very docile, great with the kids. My plan was to leave him in a dog run with access …

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