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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the whippet's temperament?

Whippets have a sweet and loving temperament but can be stubborn and willful at times.

Whippets have a double personality. The couch potato that became a permanent decoration to your sofa, will suddenly turn into a determined and courageous hound when hunting or coursing.

Are whippets good with cats?

Some whippets get along with cats and some don't. Read more here about mixing cats and sighthounds.

Are whippets good with children?

Whippets seem to naturally like children. They tend to be gentle and loving.

You can read more about whippets and kids clicking here.

Are whippet destructive?

When bored, most dogs will get destructive. Click here to find out how to prevent redecorating.

Should I breed my whippet dog?

I learned at my expenses that dog reproduction is better left to the those who have proper facilities to breed dogs and whelp puppies.

Dog breeding involves a lot of work, expenses and responsabilities. Read about our adventures with the hurdles of canine reproduction by clicking here.

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Are whippets good apartment dogs?

If you can provide enough exercise, whippets will happily adapt to apartment living. Thanks to their short coats, they are low maintenance dogs and shed very little.

Are whippets easy to train?

Probably a whippet is not the best candidate for the world obedience title but they are very eager to please and with patience and gentle methods you can teach them almost anything.

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Questions and Answers from Other Visitors

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I have been to many different on line sites about whippets and I must say yours in absolutely the BEST! Friendly, warm, personal and fast....sounds like a whippet to me! I am very much enjoying my daily visits to your site and the education it has given me about this beautiful breed we all love so much. Thank you for all your efforts and God bless!


I wanted to find out about this dog breed and your website was so informative! It´s clear just how wonderful these dogs can be! Thanks!

Hi, I just love your website! You have great information and fun contests! There are fun stories and poems and a bunch of awesome stuff! Great work with this awesome website!


I love your site, it is hands down my favorite whippet site ever! It's made by people that love their dogs as much as I love my baby girl. You guys rock!


Love your site - very well put together, easy to follow and full of all kinds of information not found elsewhere!

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