Whippet Breeders
Where to Look for Whippet Puppies

Here are some links to whippet breeders websites. This list will come handy when you start looking for whippet puppies.

We often receive inquiries about reputable breeders from visitors who are looking for whippet puppies for sale, because finding a puppy of this breed is not always easy.

Whippet dogs are not overbred because they didn’t appear on movies and were not protagonist in famous novels or ads.

Someone said that whippets are the best kept secret in the pure breed dog world because the breed has a lot to offer but is not well known to the large public.

This might seem a disadvantage when you start looking for a whippet puppy and it might take sometime to locate the perfect pup.

Nevertheless, this situation offers a great advantage: breeders don’t focus on the number of pups but on their quality.

Most kennel owners are long time fanciers of the breed and have the best interest of their dogs at heart.

If you want to know about the origin of the breed and the historical whippet kennels, click on this link.

Below we arranged by geographical area, some some links to local whippet clubs where you can find info about local events and addresses useful for your search.

Clicking on the links you’ll open new pages, we hope they will be of help if you are trying to find the perfect pup.

Remember, good things happen to those who wait! Happy puppy hunting!

USA Whippet Kennels

Click on the title to see the pages created by whippet breeders and find one near you.

Whippet Club UK

UK Breeders

Click on the title for a list of UK breeders with description and location.

Whippet Club Australia

Austalia Breeders

Looking for a whippet puppy in Australia? Click for a list of breeders with contacts and descriptions.

Whippet Club Canada

Club del Levriero

This is the club of the Italian breeders and aficionados of sighthounds. Clicking on the title, you’ll open a page with the listing of Italian whippet breeders.

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Whippet Rescue

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Whippet Puppies

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