by Farrin
(Heber Springs, AR)

Patches playing outside

Patches playing outside

Patches playing outside
cutie pie :)

I rescued patches when she was 3 months old and was cute and could be!

She was very sick and shy though and the vet told me she was a full blood border collie but as she grew up she changed her fur coat and looked very small towards the back of her body and big in the front.

I really believe she is a border collie/whippet mix especially after seeing a picture of another dog on here who looks like her twin!!

To this day Patches is still very shy and scared but loyal dog

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Whippet Mix: Border Collie and Whippet

by Louisa Morrissey, owner of Skijor-N-More
(Silverthorne, Colorado USA)

"ReRun" with his new forever family and brother and sister Linus and Lucy. I know he is part Border Collie and now I am pretty sure the other part is whippet.

We adopted a border collie mix last fall from Western Border Collie Rescue. He ended up in rescue because of his high energy. Having 2 border collies already and a very active lifestyle (I skijor and teach skijoring in workshops in Colorado) I instantly bonded with this new fellow.

I knew he was Border Collie but was wondering about the long legs and speed and head well as very sweet affectionate nature and I suspected some sort of sighthound mix in him. Then I looked up the Border Collie Whippet google, and here is our little guy.

What a fantastic dog. We love him so much! He is incredible as a skijor dog and LOVES skijoring as well as agility and other sports with his border collie brother and sister.

An incredible mix. We are sold!


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Caliwag the Whippet Mix and Other Dogs

by Kerry and Cali

I rescued a whippet crossed with a border collie.

Her features are so beautiful but most of all you can get lost in her sky blue eyes.

When I got her in May, she just came into season.

It was hard as I wanted her to make herself at home, I guess I was just too easy on her.

I can't help it, she is so lovely and I just couldn't be strict with her until she settled in.

Behind the beautiful exterior lies a very fearful dog, I can't understand why as she comes from a litter of 9 pups.

Her hairs stand on end running down her spine every time a dog comes near and she doesn't even growl.

I want to take that fear away. I have tried to tell her off but when she is scared I can't help but understand she is fearful.

How do I come about this and how do I get her to befriend other dogs?

She is loosing that side of her heritage not being able to play and communicate positively with other dogs.

I really feel she needs that in her life.

I suffered terribly with agoraphobia until she entered my life and now I feel like I have so much strength to do anything.

I thank her every day for being in my life.

You should get a dog if you know you can put the time in, it is so rewarding and the unconditional love will never be matched up by a human.

Thank you Cali, I love you so much!

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