Wolfhounds Are Not Guard Dogs!

by GnGunby

In relation to the article appeared on the monthly e-zine about Irish dog breeds, I must note that the Irish Wolfhounds are GIANT sight hounds, THEY ARE NOT GUARD DOGS!

They are  always up to a good run or "hunt"  as with any running sight hound.

Since they are so large and are more dignified than small barkie dogs they do not feel the need to protect or run the fence line.  

This is sometimes seen as GUARDING, when then they are really just more inclined to want to take a nice nap and let little dogs yap. 

They  are very laid back and tend to be very shy with strangers in their yards.

They see no reason to do stupid "Human Tricks".

They are very loving & tolerant of humans big or tiny.

The Wolfie is only a Watch-Dog when it is time to eat.

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