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Cutie Pie
by: Spacely

Spanky certainly has a lot of spunk and personality.......I just love him to pieces !!!

So Much fun
by: Joan K

Never a dull moment when Spanky is around, he is just so much fun, and who could not love that face.

by: CJ

That is one cute dog, if I do say so myself !

Spanky Boy
by: Auntie M & Uncle D

You are a beautiful pup!

by: Karen

What can I say, look at that face with his big eyes. How could you not love him.

Awesome !
by: Anonymous

You done good, little are adorable ! I can see why your Mom can't get too mad at you !!!

You done Good!
by: Liz

Spankster did exactly what cute little Whippets do. You gotta love him.

Precious !
by: Just Me

He is just so stinkin' cute !!!

Crazy dog gets my vote
by: Anonymous

You go Spanky, you crazy, crazy dog!!!!

by: Beth

I think we might have Spanky's almost identical 2 1/2 year old girlfriend, Daisy. So sweet!

That Special Face
by: D and D

You will melt anyone's heart with that face. You're a real cutie.

Great Dog
by: Lenny

Spanky is the ultimate whippet!

Cutie Pie
by: Anonymous

Spanky is a real cutie!

by: Joanie Stappenbeck

So very cute!!!

Cute dog !
by: Anonymous

I just love him...

Puppy Love
by: Toni

Too cute!

He Be The Cutest
by: Rich C.

I think that The "Spankster" is a very cute dog and should get the highest rating possible.

by: Carol

Spanky is sweet and he knows how to open wrapped presents.

The Spankster
by: Dad

Spanky is the fastest dog I have ever seen. If your taking video's of him at close range the camera cannot focus fast enough to get a clear picture. Now, that is fast. Did you know that Spanky shuts the light out when he's going to bed.
He's so fast that he's in bed before the light goes out.

Cute boy !!!
by: Anonymous

What an adorable little boy !!

Cutie Dog
by: Nancy M

Sparky is one cute dog! You never know what he's going to get into or what he'll do next. That's the joy of owning a pet!

He is sooo cute!
by: sue

He is so cute and he makes my day whenever I see his pictures. He is a very good boy.

Love these pics
by: Lou G

Simply adorable

Great shots!
by: NJP

Great shots! Nice looking dog!

no tissue is safe
by: Kathryn

Love the Spankster!

You did good, Spanky !
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful pup !!!!

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