Whippet Dog Coats Pattern

Enjoy a free whippet dog coats pattern to deal with cold weather in style!

Short hair and an enviable low percentage of body fat, will make your whippet uncomfortable in extreme weather, unless he has a chance to warm up in his favorite way, running.

With these free dog coat patterns you’ll be able to make your whippet clothing at home in few easy steps.

I find that Polartec or fleece is the best fabric for dog coats because it's warm also when wet but at the same time it's also soft, stretchy and comfortable, all qualities my whippets really appreciate.

If you live in rainy weather you can make the coat with two layers of fabric. Use a waterproof fabric on the outside of the coat and warm, soft fleece on the inside for added comfort and protection.

But remember, it's not safe to leave your dog unattended with a coat on especially if he is not used to it. Some dogs tend to bite it off after a while or the coat get caught while running or playing, causing serious injuries.

How to Make Your Whippet Dog Coat

First Step

Cut out the pattern below in tissue paper.

Then trace the shape on the fabric of your choice.

This dog coat sewing pattern measures 66 cm (26 inches) along the top edge as well as overall length.

The band that goes around the chest measures 74 cm (29 inches).

These measures are suitable for a medium sized whippet.

If your whippet is bigger or smaller, adjust the measurement as needed for a custom fit.

Have a look at this page for more info about how to measure a whippet coat.

Second Step

Sew the two body sides along the top line.

Third Step

Sew together the front part, overlapping the right and the left like in the picture below.

Forth Step

Add the belt, attaching it at the top. Sew a velcro strap at the side to secure it safely and quickly.

Fifth Step

Try it on your dog and take him for a walk to show off his new warm dog coat!

More Cool Whippet Coat Ideas?

What About Dog Sweaters?

Whippets appreciate dog sweaters at home or during those cold winter nights. If you like knitting, here are ideas and instructions to make dog sweaters at home.

Don't forget to share a picture of your whippet wearing your masterpiece! Click on this link and enter your pics at the bottom of the page. Well done!

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