Greyhound and Whippet Rescue: Midwest Greyhound Adoption

Kenosha's Dairyland Greyhound Park, is going out of business the 31st of December and 600 greyhounds need to be adopted!

Please, if you have space in your heart for one of these wonderful dogs, contact the Midwest Greyhound Adoption, a local non profit rescue organization.

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Adopt or rescue a whippet
by: Barbara Beltinck

I am a member of an rescue group for Greyhounds. I have 3 at the moment and do some fostering. I have been looking to rescue a Whippet or adopt an return. I would like a female adult. Live outside of Ft Wayne IN

Looking for a Whippet
by: Anonymous

I'm the former owner of 3 beautiful Greyhounds and would like to adopt a 4-5 yr. old male Whippet. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Looking for a whippet or greyhound
by: Nancy

I am looking for a whippet or small greyhound to adopt. I live in St. Louis, Mo and have had both a whippet and a greyhound. I would be willing to travel to find this sweet animal. Contact me 314-225-7446.

The perfect dogs
by: Gary Landmann

In January My wife and I agreed to foster one of the greyhounds from the Dairyland racetrack. Soldier came to us with a broken rear leg, was skin and bones and scared of everything.I have never seen an animal in such bad shape.

We got him home, fattened him up and now he is a happy well adjusted member of the family. By the way his family consists of two more Greyhounds a Whippet and a Cockalier. All rescues and getting along like they have been together their whole lives.

Soldier is now renamed Crosby and is not going anywhere.

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